We partner with you and your teams to help you reach peak effectiveness in the international marketplace.


It’s all about
Elevating your Global Excellence

Our focus is to

Elevate your Global Excellence

by Offering

UX Design

Supporting design, development and implementation projects to position your business processes to meet your goals.

Team Coaching

Guiding your international teams to establish the trust, alignment and focus needed to deliver the results you require.


Strengthening the intercultural skills across your organization to ensure clear communications are delivered and understood.


About Arete

Arete is an inspiring, powerful word in two languages.  The Greek word arete is related to personal excellence, effectiveness, fulfillment, and “being the best you can be.”  In French, an arête is a sharp mountain peak.

With AreteConnecT, you can better connect your teams’ performance with organizational goals, bringing out the best in each team member to achieve peak effectiveness – you Elevate your Global Excellence! 


About Me

Little did I know when I started out as an engineer at IBM what a rich and varied career I would have.  From manufacturing to marketing. From software development to project management. From training to global HR.

And having the privilege of spending time in the USA, Poland, Portugal, Jordan and now Germany. serving clients such as Vodafone, BMW, Bosch, Siemens. and, my favorites, the dynamic SMEs in electronics, consumer goods and IT services.

The one constant factor I’ve seen through all of this is the value of teamwork.  I have seen first-hand what great teams can achieve when there is purpose, alignment and mutual support.  This is why my professional focus is on helping you develop your teams to their full potential – to Elevate your Global Excellence.


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